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Bad Case of Holiday Blues?

Have you been wistfully looking back at photos of yourself on holiday and marvelling at how

natural your smile looks, how the wrinkles don’t bother you so much with a tan and how

you were so much better able to handle the non-stop bickering of your children? It can’t just

be me. I would go as far as saying I love that happier, relaxed, ‘holiday’ version of myself,

more than the term-time me.

Four people standing in front of the door

How to self-coach yourself through that dreaded ‘back to work’ feeling

The question is, where does that person go for 80% of the year? Whilst tan lines will fade,

there is a way to hold on to the post-holiday feeling, so you can keep the inner glow, even

when your surroundings, and the weather, has changed.

Here are some tips to self-coach yourself through the post-holiday blues:

• Keep the endorphins flowing by building some form of exercise into every day. Schedule it

in as a non-negotiable, even if it’s a 15-minute brisk walk, a jog back from the school run

instead of taking the car, or setting your alarm 20 minutes earlier to do some stretches

before the kids wake up. Moving your body is scientifically proven to increase levels of

endorphins and oxytocin, which always makes you feel better. Just 15 minutes a day will

make a difference.

• Holiday wear needn’t just be for holidays. Beachwear won’t cut it in Britain all year round,

but wearing bright clothes like the Onjenu jumpsuit (a kind gift) that I’m wearing in this

photo, brings me joy.

Take this one step further if you like, and focus on the actual colours you wear. Studies have

shown that blue and green can create a calming feeling; red and pink can inspire passion

and energy; while purple can boost creativity and productivity. However, everyone’s feeling

towards a colour is unique, so pick the hues that do it for you.

Just remember – wear the dress to that meeting and don’t squander away your sequins for few and far between events; life is too short to save your best outfits only for holidays when you can sparkle every day.

• For most of us, all of those holiday snaps so carefully set up and captured while you were

away end up sitting with thousands of others on your phone, to be looked at only

occasionally. But how great does it feel when you do revisit them? Give that sensation a

longer life by permitting yourself to spend time pouring over your holiday photos and

videos, and send some of your favourites off for printing to refresh your frames at home, so

you can transport yourself back whenever you need a quick boost. I love La-La-Lab for this.

When you’re having a tough day, it is helpful to look at brighter, happier days, as a reminder

that you won’t always feel like this.

• Don’t spend a second regretting anything you did on holiday. So you ate all the food,

drank too much wine, didn’t exercise - it’s ok, you were busy having fun and it felt great! All

we have is now, so there is absolutely zero point in wasting negative thoughts on what has

been and is done. And especially if those thoughts are tied into an unrealistic beauty

standard imposed by society or social media. The sensible side of your brain knows I am


Instead, practice holiday gratitude – think of things you’re grateful for from the holiday. Eg.

A healthy body, that delicious meal, the time you danced barefoot in the sand. I try to think

of three things I am grateful for each morning when I wake. You could do three things when

you’re in bed at the end of the day, or three things in the shower if it’s easier – it doesn’t

matter when and where, and it doesn’t take long, but it will prolong the happy feels, I


Women at the beach

• Plan another holiday! There is no better time than getting back from a trip to motivate you

to plan the next one. Having downtime scheduled into your diary always makes for a softer

landing in reality and will have a positive effect on your mental and physical health.

We all need a break, in fact it is essential.

Good luck 🏖️


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