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Be Kind Book

Be Kind

By Rosie Nixon, 11 November 2021

Unlock the incredible power of kindness with this small book with a huge heart.

‘Choose to be kind, even to the unkind ones. There is real power in that.’

Holly Willoughby

Packed with inspirational quotes, tips, actions and pearls of wisdom from famous personalities, experts and inspirational leaders alike, each page of this beautiful book will help you be kinder to yourself, to other people, and to the planet.

With contributions from Fearne Cotton, Matt Haig, Katie Piper, Melanie B, Holly Willoughby, June Sarpong, Izzy Judd, Beverley Knight, Dermot O’Leary, the Duchess of York, Jo Malone CBE, Dame Denise Lewis, Ronnie Wood, Paul Weller, Alex Scott MBE, Dr Julie Smith, Emma Bunton, Melissa Hemsley and more. Plus illustrations by my talented friend Jakki Jones, Be Kind celebrates kindness in all its forms and demonstrates that kindness can truly change the world.

This book will teach you how to make kindness your superpower – and it all starts with learning how to be compassionate towards yourself. This book can be enjoyed by all ages from 6 to 106. It is never too late to learn the power of kindness.

It was a proud moment to see this book used to inspire teenage girls in a schools programme in Devon. I am passionate about the power of kindness and love speaking on this subject and I am always open to hearing about innovative ways to use my book to inspire others.

Give us a shout.

My enthusiasm for advocating for kindness and self-compassion, and discussing this topic, knows no bounds. I'm eager to learn about creative ways to employ my book for the purpose of inspiring people of all ages.

Please feel free to get in touch with me regarding this.


‘A hug in book form’ Emma Bunton


‘Share the gift of kindness’ Holly Willoughby


‘Let’s make kindness a part of everything we do’ June Sarpong

‘The kindness you give always comes back to you’ Ronnie Wood

‘Kindness can be the most precious gift’ Melanie B

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