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A new era of Agelessness

In partnership with Gold Collagen

Throughout my career as a journalist, it has been standard to write a personality’s age next to their name in copy. It is seen as factually accurate and an important detail. It was Dame Joan Collins who first made me question this practice when, as Editor of HELLO! she asked me, politely yet firmly, to not add her age into pieces about her anymore, because she did not want to be defined by her age. Of course, we complied – I was not going to challenge Dame Joan – and, in all honesty, she had made me stop and think. She had a point.


Throughout our lifetimes, in the western world, women are judged by our age. We spend our girlhood wanting to be older, but then something happens post-forty, when out-dated societal expectations can make us feel that we are somehow past our ‘best’. It doesn’t happen for men, where age seems to command greater respect.


Lately, there has been a change, not exactly a revolution, but the tide is slowly turning, with fashion and beauty industries leading the way. We are witnessing the rise of an age-positive movement. Last year L’Oreal Paris launched an ‘Age Perfect’ campaign, Estee Lauder group declared on their advertising ‘I am radiant and beautiful because of my age’, and Avon spoke of ‘embracing every age’. There has been improved representation of all ages in advertising campaigns, but there is still a long way to go.


‘Anti-ageing’ feels like an outdated term and I hope we will see more brands distancing themselves from its use. Data shows that post-pandemic women want to look ‘healthy’ not ‘young’ and GenX and Millennials are redefining beauty standards, embracing ageing as we all live longer and put the focus on longevity.

My wellbeing secret

As I approach my 49th birthday, I am starting to feel not only optimistic, but the beginnings of actual, genuine excitement about what this new decade will bring. I feel stronger than ever, and I have the tools to look after my health from the inside and outside. You may have seen on my social media that I am a proud ambassador for Gold Collagen – a leading liquid collagen supplement I have been drinking almost daily for the past eighteen months. In 2011, Gold Collagen revolutionised the beauty industry when it released the first liquid collagen supplement into the UK market, it was called Gold Collagen Pure – the original, clinically proven formula – and it became an instant best-seller.

This week, the brand has marked another ground-breaking innovation, launching Gold Collage Forte AGELESS into Boots stores and on the Gold Collagen website nationwide.

This bottle of goodness packs a punch – a high-strength formula combining 23 active ingredients, including a market-leading 12,000mg dose of hydrolysed marine collagen, plus hyaluronic acid, ceramides, elastin and 19 more ingredients, including 9 antioxidants. It is the result of 15 years of scientific research, clinical trials and customer feedback, from a brand that really understand the benefits of collagen on wellbeing.

So what are the benefits of taking collagen?

As we age, from about 25 years old, the amount of collagen in our body steeply declines. Collagen is a protein found within the connective tissues in our body and its presence contributes to keeping our skin plump and hydrated, our hair thick and shiny and our joints supple. Thus, when this declines, we notice it. Gold Collagen Forte Ageless contains the highest amount of collagen in any liquid formulation so far and it will give skin intense hydration and a plump, dewy look, restoring the skin’s natural vitality. I find this benefits my entire skin, not just the face, which is an added bonus and something we often overlook, putting the focus on our facial skincare routine. With added vitamins and minerals, convenient to drink from a small, sustainably produced glass bottle and tasting delicious, it is without doubt my beauty and wellbeing go-to, as I strive to look and feel ‘ageless’.

As I look towards my fiftieth year, I am feeling more healthy, happy and vital than ever before. I have finally found a way to define my own success and it has nothing to do with my age, my job title, my earnings, or any other label bestowed on me by someone else. It is something much deeper than that. It is a feeling from the inside-out. It is a lifestyle. I am the culmination of all my life stories so far and the things I have learnt about myself along the way – I am not striving to reverse anything about myself! I want to look and feel like the best version of me for as long as I can and this doesn’t mean looking younger, it means looking glowing and feeling healthy and well-looked after - to feel ‘ageless’. There is no right or wrong way to age – just what’s right for you.

Long live Agelessness!

Why not give Gold Collagen Forte Ageless a go? For an added bonus, use the code ROSIE20 for a discount on your order.


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